Our journey began back in 1990 when our founder Dr. Manoj.M.Sharma graduated in B.Sc. in fisheries science from NES science college Nanded. He further completed his masters in Fisheries management from CIFE (Central Institute of Fisheries education), Mumbai. After finishing his masters he was invited by a group of freshwater prawn farmers for technical support in Gujarat.


He started his career as a technician in a small aqua farm near Surat, Gujarat. After having worked for three years, he convinced and proved successful shrimp farming to the local farmers and officials of the Department of Fisheries, Government of Gujarat by practically demonstrating shrimp culture. His hard and dedicated work has transformed the coastal wasteland into the most viable shrimp farming business providing livelihood to thousands of people in Surat district of Gujarat. Having seen successful results, Government of Gujarat allotted large extent of brackish water land close to 5000 ha to the farmers.

Manojbhai’s revolutionary vision redefined the potential of Gujarat’s coastal belt.  It is under Manojbhai’s visionary leadership the MAPL and Shrimp farming sector emerged as the one of the largest aqua business in Gujarat, India and carved out a distinct place for itself in the global aquaculture scenario.

He is the first to start the concept of satellite shrimp farming with complete traceability protocol in Gujarat to get the final products from the shrimp farmers. He is the first person in the country to advocate low stocking module for L. vannamei and now based on this module “Farming vannamei the tiger way” is the most successful concept not only in India but also many other shrimp farming countries.

Manojbhai is an inspiring leader with exquisite qualities. His success story is an inspiration for the new generation of Indian entrepreneurs, business leaders. For many, he is an icon, a role model to be imitated.



She is a Ph.D. in Shrimp farming from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.  She has completed her detailed research work on the subject of Management practices of Shrimp farming in Surat. After completing her Masters in Fisheries science she tied celestial knot called Marriage with Dr. Manoj Sharma thus, she became the integral part & partner of the company. With her detailed knowledge & practical experience, she has played a vital role in transforming the shrimp farming industry in Surat & Gujarat. She is actively involved with Dr. Manoj Sharma in many other companies to support the shrimp farming sector.



He is the youngest director & future of the company. Mayank holds a bachelors degree in biotechnology with distinction. He has a genetic passion for shrimp farming, over the years he has been seemingly studying the science & art of shrimp farming. Mayank is planning & preparing himself to take “VIVALINE” the next level for mitigating the disease and devastation in shrimp farming.