• To see our country one of the best in aquaculture production with simple & practical technology this can be adopted by inland & coastal fishers for their livelihood.
  • We want to be a forerunner in large scale food production to alleviate hunger & food crises in the developing world.
  • To develop the processing plant to support the development of shrimp farming industry & developing the state- of –art export facility.
  • To engender customer loyalty.


  • We believe aquaculture can help mankind through environment-friendly, socio-economically viable & sustainable aqua farming models which has a capacity to generate “Food & profit”
  • To be a dynamic institution through continuously improving shrimp farming practices, innovation in the field and ensuring high-quality product is farmed.


  • Quality– We believe that quality comes first, that’s why we continuously monitor and execute the best aquaculture practices to produce the best quality farm raised shrimp. Our team strictly adheres to water quality and health management protocol.
  • Trust– We believe in maintaining integrity, transparency, and responsibility in whatever we do; perhaps that is the reason we have a long lasting relation with our team, clients & farmers.
  • Innovation– We continually strive to find & focus on futuristic solutions to alleviate the inherent risks and weaknesses in the shrimp farming industry.
  • Excellence– We go extra miles to achieve excellence in whatever we do, we always aim to set new benchmarks in the industry.
  • Sustainability– We believe in continually developing sustainable business practices in each activity which will allow us to do our bit for the environment.